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Burgundy & Gold Fall Woodland Wedding

October 20, 2014

October here on the East Coast of the US is a lovely time of year. 

Leaves start changing color in earnest, the air gets crisp and cool, and the everything is bathed in sunlight.

Fall lends itself naturally to a beautiful combination of colors: the russet and burgundy of the changing leaves, the gold of the sunlight and blooming mums, the bronze and orange of pumpkins and pears.

These warm, earthy tones are not only perfect to gaze at when going for an afternoon stroll — they’re also a beautiful color palette for any wedding!

If you’re looking for a little fall wedding inspiration, look no farther than the hues of fall that we’re currently obsessing over. And just to really get back to nature, why not add a little bohemian woodland twist to the whole design?


Burgundy & Gold Fall Woodland Wedding Inspiration


Burgundy and Gold Fall Woodland Wedding Inspiration


Clockwise from top left: burgundy & gold invitation suite – image by Ashley D Photography // gold leaf woodland cake – via Green Wedding Shoes // fall bride with burgundy bouquet – image by Lauren Peele Photography // burgundy fall tablescape – image by Ashley D Photography // bridesmaid in burgundy and gold –  image by Byron Loves Fawn


Chic, natural, warm, and cozy, all at the same time, the colors of fall just make you long to pull on a leaf-hued dress and sip an apple cider cocktail while dancing the night away to stay warm.

What’s not to love about that?


If you’re looking for a little more inspiration for an autumn wedding, look no further: we’ve got a few ideas for you right here!






What do you think?

Do you love this warm fall color palette as much as we do… or are you waiting for the cool, pretty colors of winter to make show up?


Get the Look: Blue Nile Earrings

October 13, 2014

Have you ever spent hours oogling designer jewelry online… only to end up sighing over the beautiful baubles that you absolutely cannot afford?

We’ve been there.

That’s why we’re devoted to making accessories that have all the style and sparkle of designer pieces at a mere fraction of the high-end price tag.

In the first installment of our Get the Look feature, we showed you how to get the style of some gorgeous designer necklaces for a very attractive price.

In the second, we took a look at some Mariell bracelets that gave you the look of Tiffany & Co. jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

Today, we’re going to look at some stunning earrings from Blue Nile Jewelers.

Ready to enjoy some eye candy…?

Get the Look: Blue Nile Earrings and Mariell Jewelry


Get the Look: Blue Nile Diamond Earrings


These Blue Nile earrings are a beautiful, classic style that could be worn for any occasion. But that $1,550 price tag puts them firmly in the “aspirational” category for most people.

Which is why we love the look of these Mariell radiant cut earrings. They have the same elegant shape and beautiful sparkle… at a price that won’t leave you eating PB&J for the rest of the year!


Get the Look: Blue Nile Rose Gold Earrings


If you’re a fan of rose gold, then you’re sure to drool over these elegant pink gold drop earrings. They would be lovely to add to any jewelry box… if you have an extra $1,150 on hand this month.

If you don’t, we suggest that you take a look our cushion cut drop earrings, also in rose gold. They have the same classic lines, the same wear-anywhere appeal, but they won’t make you want to hide your credit card statement at the end of the month!


Get the Look: Blue Nile Pearl Earrings


If you really love the look of a classic, you’re sure to love Blue Nile’s beautiful pearl studs and the sparkling diamond halo that surrounds them. They’d be perfect on any bride… but at nearly $1,700, the might rival the cost of her honeymoon!

Which is why we’re just as in love with these simple, sparkling Mariell earrings, which feature a creamy pearl surrounded by a much more affordable halo of sparkling CZ. You’ll have the same elegant look that you long for, and you’ll still be able to afford a plane ticket home!

So no need to worry if you can’t afford the designer price tag. We’ll make sure you still have something beautiful, stylish, and classic to wear. 

Want to own any of these lovely Mariell pieces?

Check our store locator to find a Mariell retailer near you or online!

Featured Retailer: Frills by Flair

October 6, 2014

When Stacey Kraft decided to launch her online bridal store, she had already been surrounded by weddings for years.

In 2003, Stacey opened Flair, a busy, popular bridal store in Boston. It didn’t take long for the store to become a go-to destination for brides, bridesmaid, and mothers. But something was still missing.

“In speaking with all of our customers, there was one theme that kept coming up,” Stacey says. “Online shopping.”

So Stacey set out to create an online store with the feel and style of your favorite down-the-street boutique.

After a lot of careful planning and painstakingly selecting every designer, product, photo and even font, Frills by Flair was born.

The online boutique, which launched in December of 2013, was a collaborative effort. Stacey, of course, spearheaded the whole thing, designing her new online store to match the style and quality of Flair. Her husband Zak, a web designer worked nights and weekends putting the new site together. And Lindsay Simon, a long-time member of the Flair team and customer service expert, was pulled in to be the manager of the new online boutique.

“We like to think of Frills as the love child of a traditional, brick and mortar bridal store and an online shop,” Stacey explains. When picking two words to describe her new venture, she knows exactly what to say: “Chic and fun!”

To keep the boutique feel, even when moving online, Stacey and Lindsay painstakingly selected each designer and item that they would feature. “Having the brick and mortar store definitely made us a little picky when choosing our products,” Lindsay confessed with a laugh when we caught up with her. “But we know our customers really well, and we wanted to give them exactly the quality and style they look for.”

And that pickiness seems to have paid off. Both of Stacey’s businesses are thriving, and she is thrilled to be able to serve both her brides both in Boston and around the world.

Running two wedding businesses would keep anyone busy, but Stacey still found a few minutes to tell us about running an online business, guilty pleasure TV shows, and what she thinks makes a perfect wedding.


Stacey Kraft - Frills by Flair - Leah Haydock Photography

Stacey, with puppy Jake, in her store

MARIELL: What inspired you to launch Frills?

Stacey: Frills was a labor of love that began thanks to all of the brides and bridesmaids out there! Our world is becoming increasingly virtual, and we wanted to keep up with that.

I will always shop at and support small, local businesses — after all, I own one! — but I also understand the convenience that an online shop provides, and I wanted to bring that to our customers near and far.


MARIELL: What sets Frills apart from other online retailers?

Stacey: We strive to offer the ease and convenience of an online shop paired with the superior customer service of a traditional brick and mortal store. Shopping online doesn’t have to mean shopping alone!

Lindsay, who runs the online site, is always on hand to answer any questions. She was the manager at Flair for over 5 years and has worked with countless brides. She has seen and heard it all! When you contact us, you will find someone on the other end who is capable, kind, and who really knows her stuff.


MARIELL: What’s your favorite part of working in the wedding industry?

Stacey: It sounds trite and corny, but the best part really is making all of our brides, bridesmaids, moms, everyone who comes into the store, happy! Being even a small part of their wedding days is a true honor and something that we take seriously. It’s a fun, happy business and rarely feels like “work.”

Also, trying on all of the new dresses and jewelry is pretty fun too. After all, we have to know how they look and fit so we can pass on that knowledge to our customers!


MARIELL: Which type of store do you enjoy more, in-person or online?

Stacey: That’s like asking a Mom to pick her favorite child, it’s impossible to choose!

Truthfully, though, both have their advantages and disadvantages. As virtual as our world gets, we will always keep our in-person store open because we feel that having a face to face relationship with our customers is important (and fun!)

The downside of that, though, is that there are only so many of us on staff and in turn, only so many customers that we can meet with. We want to be a part of as many wedding days as possible, and Frills helps us to do that!’


MARIELL: Do you have a favorite or go-to Mariell accessory?

Stacey: The reason we chose to add Mariell’s products to Frills is because they have the trifecta; gorgeous products at reasonable prices and a quick turnaround time. That’s really all that you can ask for, but it’s surprisingly hard to find!

I love all of the Mariell items, but at Frills we’re partial to the pear drop bridal earrings. They are a no brainer! They would pair perfectly with any bridal gown, bridesmaids’ dress or mother’s dress and aren’t so fancy that they can’t be re-worn to other other events after the wedding!


MARIELL: What’s your favorite part of the business?

Stacey: I like a challenge! Sometimes the most rewarding customers are the ones that have told us that they are discouraged with the whole process and just can’t find what they are looking for. Every client is rewarding in their own way, but helping someone go from frustrated to fabulous is such a great feeling!


MARIELL: Tell us something about you that your customers would never guess.

Stacey: I have a weakness for TV shows that are probably way too young for me! Yes, I am an adult who owns her own businesses but I also love Glee and Awkward. I’m a big kid at heart.


MARIELL: What do you like to do to unwind at the end of a long work day?

Stacey: Besides my guilty pleasure TV shows, my husband and I got a puppy recently, Jake, and he keeps us pretty busy in our down time! Jake doesn’t care if we have had a stressful or long day, he wants to eat and go outside regardless. It’s kind of great to put aside the day and just focus on him, and he’s pretty cute which doesn’t hurt!


MARIELL: Are there any current wedding trends that you absolutely love?

Stacey: I love the new fabrics and patterns we are seeing in bridesmaids’ dresses! Lace, polka dots, sequins, florals… I am obsessed with them all! Brides these days can say “You’ll totally wear this again” and have it not be a joke.


MARIELL: What about trends that you want to see vanish forever?

Stacey: If I hear about another wedding with mason jars, I might scream. They are gorgeous and inexpensive so I hate to say that, but they are EVERYWHERE these days. We usually suggest lanterns as a slight change to take brides of today and tomorrow away from this overused trend!


MARIELL: What, to you, makes a perfect wedding?

Stacey: The couple! We’re in the wedding industry so I don’t want to say this too loudly but really, all of the other stuff is a just a bonus. Every wedding has a little something go wrong, but at the end of the day as long as you end up married that’s really all that matters.

No one will remember that your napkins matched the programs and the ties, but they will remember the love between the two of you.


Frills by Flair






Trendspotting Fall 2014: Yellow Gold

September 29, 2014

Trendspotting 2014 continues here on the Mariell blog!

We’ve talked about adding a pop of elegance to wedding decor with black accents, the sweet prettiness of muted vintage tones, and the many uses of lace.

So what’s on the menu this week?

A trend that’s picked up steam in the last year and going strong through the fall: yellow gold.

Nearly every featured retailer we’ve talked to this year has mention how, after years of nothing but silver, they’re so happy to see gold back in the rotation for weddings. Any why not? It’s pretty, it’s classic, and warm and flattering on every skin tone. Plus, everyone needs a few options, and all silver all the time doesn’t allow for that!

So where can you expect to see gold this fall?


Everywhere from wedding gowns…


This gold wedding dress is great for an outdoor wedding. #sunshine #fishtail


And bouquets…


Tip of the Day: Give your bridal bouquet the Midas touch! Spray-painted roses pop against a white dress and add a regal feel to any wedding, but we think it's especially apropos for a fall affair.


To cakes…


Sparkly Winter Wedding Inspiration from Allure Bridals... glittery gold wedding cake with flower topper


And invitations…




And even worked into the tablescapes!


Candles. Kauai, Hawaii Wedding table setting. Pink and gold wedding decor and flowers. Modern Pacific Weddings. Photo by Rebecca Arthurs



images via: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Whether you plan to wear it or decorate with it (or both!) gold will always add charm and elegance to your wedding day.

And just like our featured retailers, we’re thrilled to have a chance to add a few gold baubles into the mix…






Are you loving the option of gold for weddings?

Or do you prefer to stick with tried-and-true silver?



Homecoming 2014

September 22, 2014

We interrupt your regularly scheduled wedding trendspotting for something a little different, but no less fun.

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here — crisp mornings, cool evening, and of course, back to school.

Which, here in the US, means it’s time for a particular fall tradition: Homecoming!

For those of you in other countries who don’t quite know what the big deal is, Homecoming is an American tradition where the alumni and current students are welcomed back to school in the fall. The celebrations usually include sporting events (particular the first Home football game of the school year), parades, fairs, and often a formal dance for the students.

The football game is a time for cozy sweaters and team colors, but the formal dance? That’s the time to bring out the tuxes, the new dresses, the dinners out, and of course, beautiful jewelry.

Here are some of our favorite Mariell new arrivals just in time for Homecoming season.


Homecoming Bracelets




Homecoming Earrings




Homecoming Necklaces




Do the schools where you live celebrate Homecoming in the fall?



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